ALBA Party members have voted to back scrapping the monarchy in the event of Scottish independence.

At the party’s inaugural conference on Saturday, members voted in favour of a resolution which would hand powers similar to the President of Ireland to an elected head of state in an independent Scotland.

The resolution did not go to a vote but was passed by an “overwhelming majority”, according to conference convener Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh (below).

Under Alba plans, the monarchy would be replaced after the Queen’s reign has ended.

Members also voted, in the same motion, to back calls for a written constitution to be put in place in an independent Scotland.

The National: Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh

Aberdeenshire councillor Leigh Wilson, who spoke in favour of the motion, said: “Alba is a new political party offering fresh ideas for the new independent nation we wish Scotland to become.

“One of those fresh ideas is an elected head of state and written constitution where the people, the citizens of Scotland are sovereign.

“The motion also specifically commits an independent Scotland to having an elected head of state, with similar power to the President of Ireland, once the term of the existing highly respected head of state is over.

“Alba is offering a vision of a modern Head of State for a modern nation, taking its rightful place among the other nations of Europe and of the world, as part of a written constitution, subject to the final say of the people on the proposed constitution in a referendum.”

To draft a written constitution, the motion proposes a series of citizens assemblies, with the final document to be confirmed by a referendum.