HOT off the heels from landing best actor at the TV Choice Awards, Martin Compston is making the rounds again on social media – this time for the National Television Awards (NTAs) on Thursday night.

But now it’s not for winning anything – although Line of Duty did scoop up the special recognition and best returning drama awards.

Despite raving to GBX on the way to the NTAs, the Scots star was curiously quiet as Joan Collins took to stage.

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As the crowd roared for Collins to present best serial drama Compston was seen sitting down with his arms crossed.

But it was more the music Compston wasn’t a fan of as Collins walked onto the stage as Simply the Best blared.

The Tina Turner classic has been adopted as a Rangers anthem and the Line of Duty star, from Greenock, is a well-known Celtic fan.

Lorraine Kelly spoke about the incident on her show, saying: "Martin clearly wasn’t a fan of Dame Joan Collins coming on stage to present the award for Best Serial Drama. The music that they played, I don’t think he was a fan."

She added: "He's probably saying: 'I don't need any more awards, I've got enough!'"

And Collins herself cleared up the misunderstanding, sharing a tweet from a fan that read: "#Lorraine puzzled why @martin_compston sat through Joan Collins’s #NTAwards entrance.

"Here’s a clue. Music was 'Simply The Best', anthem of dead zombie @RangersFC football club."

Collins replied: "Dear @reallorraine @itvlondon @itvnews please don’t start #fueds where there are none. #stirringthepot".

Overall, Compston was happy with the show doing so well at the awards.

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He said: "I think we must be the most nominated show who's lost it so it felt great.

"We started as this wee show on a Wednesday night on BBC Two, and to see how it's grown and it's all because of the fans.

"Their enthusiasm and dedication never cease to amaze me, so this is for everybody who's voted for us so thank you very much."