SNP depute leader Keith Brown yesterday urged delegates at the party’s annual conference to make a real push on attempts to convert No voters by spreading the positive case for Yes. Now, here’s a way you can help The National and Believe in Scotland do the same.

To launch our joint Autumn of Indy Action campaign, The National will be publishing a bumper 64-page paper a week today. It will include a 24-page pull-out based on the Open Minds articles we brought to you earlier in the year.

Each of them was designed to help convince No and undecided voters that independence is the best way forward for Scotland, looking at the Yes case across a variety of issues.

To ensure Yes groups across Scotland can help to spread the word, we are enabling them to buy bulk orders of 50 or 100 copies of The National at hugely discounted prices so these can be as distributed as widely as possible.

These can be ordered by visiting

And you can also find out more about the Autumn of Indy Action campaign from our advert on page 11 of today’s paper. Please help us as we reach out for indy!