COMEDIAN Janey Godley has been dropped from a Scottish Government Covid awareness campaign after historic “racist” posts were unearthed from her Twitter account.

Godley’s voice-overs of Nicola Sturgeon’s coronavirus updates gained popularity during the Covid lockdowns and saw her interviewed by the international media.

Over the past few days social media users have been unearthing old posts from Godley’s account, and criticising her language towards disabled people, Chernobyl victims, and black celebrities.

She has issued a number of apologies and described her own posts as “offensive” and “hurtful”.

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“I thought being an outspoken comedian meant I could get away with saying anything I wanted and people would accept that and wouldn’t take it out of context, but that’s completely wrong.

“I have to stand up and own my offensive hurtful language and apologise, they have terrible, horrific undertones and I deserve all the criticism that comes my way.”

Now, Godley has been dropped from the Scottish Government’s coronavirus awareness campaign. Videos of the clip appear to have been deleted from the Government’s official social media channels.

A Scottish Government spokesperson told The National: “A series of unacceptable tweets by Janey Godley have been brought to our attention and, while she has rightly apologised, trust in our public health messages at this time is paramount.

"We have therefore taken the decision to withdraw any further campaign material in which Ms Godley features. The material will be discontinued immediately on our own channels and withdrawn as soon as possible from external media.”