YES Groups across Scotland have signed up to take part in an Autumn of Indy Action organised by Believe in Scotland and backed by The National.

The season of boosting support for Yes will kick off on Saturday, September 18, the seventh anniversary of the referendum in 2014.

Dozens of Yes groups will be active on the day itself, with events, leafleting and food bank drives all on the agenda, assuming the pandemic doesn’t get in the way.

The first 300,000 leaflets for the Autumn of Indy Action campaign have already arrived at the Believe in Scotland offices ready to be handed out to Yessers by the end of the year to boost campaigning efforts.

In the run-up to a Day of Action on September 18, The National has been planning some articles and initiatives that we think will help bolster efforts to win over new faces to Yes during the campaigning. We’re excited to share these with you as the days roll on!

Believe in Scotland are organising the action for independence in collaboration with the National Yes Network, the Scottish Independence Foundation and The National.

Organisers set out the shared aim: “to convince voters that a Yes result will give Scotland the chance to emerge from the pandemic as a stronger, more equal country with justice, fairness and diversity at the heart of a resurgent economy”.

To show your support, you can hang out Saltires from windows, sharing graphics on social media, wear badges and put on car stickers, and participate in the "#IBelieveinScotland because…" social media series.

The National: Business For Scotland chief executive Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp pictured speaking at the Trades Hall of Glasgow for the launch of the Believe In Scotland campaign and Scotland The Brief book...  Photograph by Colin Mearns.22 January 2020.For The National..

Believe in Scotland founder Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp said: “It would be great if everyone could join in and help their local Yes group.

“Even hanging a Saltire from a window, digging out an old Yes sign or just sharing the key messages we post on social media allows everyone to take part.

“This won’t just be a one-off day of action, rather it will fire the starting gun on a major co-ordinated grassroots independence campaign that will run until we win independence in indyref2.

"The indy movement needs a shot in the arm; it needs a major boost. Too much internal wrangling among the supporters of pro-independence political parties online in combination with lockdowns has demotivated many Yes supporters and this will get the movement going again."

MacIntyre-Kemp hopes the event will galvanise supporters to recapture the energy of the movement, saying: “It’s time to stop complaining and start campaigning.”

He continued: “Even if you are one of those in the movement who voice suspicions that the SNP don’t really want to hold a referendum, you must realise that the best message you can send is that the grassroots are up and running, firing on all cylinders and ready to win this time.”

Believe in Scotland is a campaigning organisation that arose from Business for Scotland, the pro-independence business network.

Having been launched in January last year, the organisation has grown to include more than 15,000 subscribers, pledgers and stakeholder members.

Individuals can pledge their support for the organisation via