ANDREW Neil’s words have come back to haunt him after a Scottish artist printed the veteran broadcaster’s disparaging comments about the Scottish Greens onto T-shirts and posters.

Writing in the Daily Mail last week, the GB News founder described the party as “anti-monarchy, anti-Britain, anti-wealth, eco-zealot Marxists”.

It comes after the Scottish Greens entered a historic co-operation agreement with the SNP which has seen co-leaders Patrick Harvie and Lorna Slater become ministers in the Scottish Government.

The move was met with backlash from Scottish Tories, which Craig Hoy MSP agreeing with Neil, saying: “Andrew Neil nails it. We’ll all pay a heavy price for Nicola’s flirtation with the Greens.”

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Harvie rejected Neil’s attacks, labelling the Scottish journalist “hard-right” and “extreme”.

But now a pro-independence artist at Indy Prints has made an entire lineup inspired by Neil’s quote, including posters, frames, magnets and T-shirts.

Speaking to The National, Stewart Bremner said: “I just saw the quote pass across my feed and I just thought it was hilarious because I think Andrew Neil is trying to scare people with this description, but a lot of Greens I know are kind of like, ‘oh, that's me, you've just described me’.

“Then somebody said there should be a T-shirt and I thought I could do that. So I did a quick drawing of it and put it out there and it got a great reaction.”

The National:

Bremner said sales of the T-shirts, posters, cards and magnets have all been doing well and he is pleased with the feedback he’s received.

It’s not Bremner’s first foray into prints and graphics. He was also involved in Yes Scotland and has been making political prints for years.

And now his latest effort has been a hit - especially with those who ascribe to those labels featured in Neil’s headline.

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He continued: “I think people are enjoying it because it’s a joke in some ways because here's Andrew Neil trying to be really serious and scare people in the Daily Mail.

“You’re trying to demonise us but you’re actually just describing us. So it's really funny that he thinks this scary thing he said is basically just reality for a lot of us.

“And I think it's very telling that this so-called bastion, if you want to say, of the establishment media has gone from working for the BBC direct to the Daily Mail.

“It’s quite funny but it’s also very telling.”

Bremner's prints can be found at