The National:

THE UK Government doesn’t need to actually name instances where it has delivered for Scotland, it’s quite happy to just make them up instead.

As The National’s Stephen Paton highlighted late last year, some of the instances where the Tories down in London claim to have #deliveredforScotland truly defy belief.

Take when it claimed Scotland’s water will be “cleaner, safer and more sustainable” thanks to the UK’s commitment to extend its Blue Belt scheme. Sounds great.

Except if you dig a little deeper, and learn that the Blue Belt extension applied to the UK Overseas Territories, thousands of miles away.

So the UK Government delivered for Scotland indirectly, by delivering for elsewhere.

Much in that same vein then they might claim that Westminster often delivers for Scotland, by delivering for England.

Nevertheless, some poor old soul down at the Scotland Office has been tasked with filling an entire website with examples of how the UK Government delivers for Scotland. In case you haven’t guessed, that website is

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The official website lists areas where Scotland should be thankful to be in the UK. Thse include “superfast broadband” (just don't tell some of the nation's rural areas) and the “state pension” (ignore that it’s the worst in the developed world).

One interesting inclusion to the list of areas in which Scotland has benefitted is “Brexit”.

What benefits could the UK Government possibly say Scotland has taken from the disastrous and mismanaged exit from the European Union?

Apparently, nothing at all. The link just brings up an error telling us PAGE NOT FOUND.

That makes sense at least.

The National: From left: The website's homepage, drop down menu, and Brexit pageFrom left: The website's homepage, drop down menu, and Brexit page

When we asked the Scotland Office about that, they replied to say a “minor technical error on the Delivering for Scotland website has now been resolved”.

So, have they replaced the error page with an explanation of how Brexit has #deliveredforScotland?

No, they just deleted it altogether. Much easier that way.