SUPERMARKET chain Morrison appears to have got the message after attracting criticism over Union Jackery in its Dunoon branch.

Just a couple of months after we told how the branch was proudly promoting fresh fish from Grimsby – when the town is only 15 miles from Loch Fyne – they now appear to be endorsing fish caught around Scotland.

And the mountain of produce-filled boxes emblazoned with the Union Jack seem to be a thing of the past.

New posters have gone up in the Dunoon store over the past week, proclaiming: “Our mussels are carefully cultivated in the pristine seas off the Scottish West Coast and Shetland. Supporting fishermen in SCOTLAND.”

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Another reads: “Our skinned place from our fishmonger counter is landed at Scottish ports. Supporting fishermen in SCOTLAND.”

However, one staff member was disparaging when they told us: “They’ve taken down the signs about the fish from Grimsby and have put up two very vague posters to pretend they are now fishing in Scottish waters … they think everyone is daft.

“Shelves in the store are virtually empty and prices for cold meat products have risen by as much as two-thirds in the last two months – but it’s nothing to do with Brexit, they say.”

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Back in June, we told how Morrisons had raised prices on locally sourced products and favoured its own, cheaper versions.

Then, the chain said in a short statement: “We source from over 900 Scottish farmers, seafood suppliers and growers – from Shetland to Stranraer. This includes sourcing a wide range of Scottish shellfish, fish and milk.”

Morrisons has been approached for comment, but at least it is good to see they are making an effort.