The National:

TESS White should not have accused Nicola Sturgeon of leading a party which does not welcome English people to Scotland. That fact is so self-evident that even the Tories have admitted it.

However, nothing is obvious to the perenially mistaken Tom Harwood of GB News.

The same right-wing commentator who thought James Hamilton was in the SNP now has another terrible take on the party. Shock.

Speaking to GB News's viewer (perhaps that's plural now, but it has been as low as zero), Harwood explained what had happened in Holyrood this afternoon.

He said Tess White's claim that English people are not welcome in Scotland was "of course in reference to the really quite vicious xenophobia that we've seen in some sections of the pro-partition movement in Scotland".

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He then went on Twitter to repeat himself, writing: "It's not inaccurate to say that significant sections of the pro-partition movement in Scotland are deeply xenophobic against the English.

"Tess White MSP should not have to apologise for telling the truth at #FMQs."

If Harwood wants to see politicians being asked to apologise for actually telling the truth, he should look no further than Westminster

National contributor Gerry Hassan handily provided a fact check.

Sharing Harwood's tweet, Hassan wrote: "Here is the hot take on Tess White's remarks from the right-wing gutter of @GBNews.

"FACT CHECK: There is no 'pro-partition movement in Scotland' as there is already a legal border. Partition is what the British Empire has imposed around the world when it has withdrawn."

The Jouker will now go back to trying to ignore GB News as much as possible.