RIGHT Said Fred said they were too sexy for their shirt in their hit 90s song. Unfortunately they also seem to have thought they were too sexy to learn basic mathematics, as they proved in a spectacular Twitter fail this morning.

Brothers Fred and Richard have found themselves in the news during the pandemic – not for releasing music, but for their bizarre coronavirus claims.

The pair have attended several anti-lockdown marches and promote anti-mask messages online.

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Richard Fairbrass, 67, was recently hospitalised with Covid, but was still opposed to the vaccine. He has described it as a “scam” and the band continues to promote vaccine scepticism on their social media despite him having spent four nights in hospital and suffering breathlessness with the virus.

Today they went above and beyond with a post at a “very special level of stupid”, according to one Labour councillor.

Right Said Fred posted a screenshot of a news article reading: “Adults who are fully vaccinated are 47% less likely to have long Covid should they contract Covid-19, a new study says.”

All good so far, and great news to hear the vaccine is helping to limit the awful consequences of long Covid. But what’s this? The brothers added a comment saying: “So 53% more likely? That’s not impressive.”

Let that sink in.

Celebrities were among those to point out the absolute lunacy on show.

“You’re 47% less likely to die in a car crash if you wear a sealtbelt,” pointed out Gary Linekar. “So you’re 53% more likely to die in a car crash if you wear a seatbelt,” adding a sceptical emoji.

“Did you get hit in the head? That's not even remotely how math works,” added Rani Baker.

“Wrong said Fred,” joked Charlatans member Tim Burgess.

“So if you're 47 percent too sexy for your shirt, does that mean you are or you aren't?” joked writer Hugo Rifkind.

Barrister Rupert Myers said: "Oh now I see why they’re anti-vaxxers. They don’t even understand primary school maths."

Journalist David Leask added: "Kids! Stay in school. Listen to your maths teachers. Don’t end up like this dumbo."

Great to see that this is the level of public discourse the UK has dropped to …

Disclaimer, in case anybody needs it: You are not 53% more likely to get long Covid after getting the vaccine. That is 100% not what the study shows. For trusted information on the vaccine please visit the NHS website.