THE Scots Language Centre is launching a new website with guidance for learning to write in Scots.

Produced by a group of some of Scotland’s most established and accomplished Scots writers and performers, and with support from the Scottish Government, the move is inspired by the August 2020 controversy surrounding Scots Wikipedia, where it was discovered that the majority of content was written by a person with little experience of spoken Scots.

From September 2020 the Scots Language Centre, along with the assembled writers, worked with Dr Sara Thomas from Wikimedia UK to provide writing support for Scots Wikipedia volunteer editors during their “Editathon” weekends.

The writing team included Antonia Uri, Christie Williamson, Emma Grae, Gerda Stevenson, Iona Fyfe, Martin Travers, Michael Dempster, Morna Young and Susi Briggs.

During this project the artists came together with The Scots Language Centre education officer, Laura Green, to produce a document that provides support and guidance in writing for those people who can speak Scots but may lack confidence or experience in writing it.

SCOTS WARKS: Support and Guidance is now available for free on in English with a Scots translation provided by The Scots Language Centre’s information officer, Dr Dauvit Horsbroch.

Each of the contributing artists has produced an original work in response to the theme “Literacy in Scots”, which will premier tomorrow night at 7pm. The works, including their written text will be permanently available on