PEOPLE watching the Holyrood debate following Nicola Sturgeon’s announcement that vaccine passports may be brought in for some events across Scotland were left baffled at a strange noise overshadowing Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross’s contribution.

Ross, contributing remotely from his home in Moray, was attempting to ask the First Minister about a perceived U-turn on the vaccine passports when the noise was broadcast into the Holyrood chamber.

He then went on to ask about support for businesses asked to participate in the scheme, but again was overshadowed by the noise.

The Scottish Tory has recently welcomed a second baby into his household, which some at first thought may be to blame for the noise.

Ross announced that he and his wife had named their second baby James after he was born early in the morning of June 30.

However, he has also recently tweeted about getting some hens. Others, including Janey Godley, thought it might be the fowl making the noise.

The Scottish comic tweeted a short clip of the noise, and quipped: “Douglas Ross’s chickens are coming home to roost.”


Ross has now identified the source of the noise, tweeting two photos of the offending hen.

The Scottish Tory leader wrote that the animal was "oblivious to the disruption she caused".