GLASWEGIANS were left horrified last night after some of Britain's best and brightest students failed to identify a picture of the city.

In a question on last night's episode of University Challenge, Jeremy Paxman asked teams from Exeter and Manchester to identify the UK city based on a picture which showed the Finnieston crane, the Squinty bridge, the Armadillo and the hydro. 

Stone, a contestant from the Manchester University team answered Newcastle and Evans, from Exeter, thought the answer was Gateshead.

An unimpressed Jeremy Paxman told them that the correct answer was indeed Glasgow. 

The answer prompted an outpouring of reaction from people across Scotland. 

One Twitter user said: "I suppose there's only 5 iconic items in the photo...and who'd know the Titan Crane anyway?"

Another said: "The shipyard crane was also a dead give away. Basically the quaysides of Newcastle or Gateshead with the similar bridges aren’t located near a shipyard crane."

However, some forgave the students for making the mistake because the cities look similar with one person tweeting: "I can see why he said that, though to be honest, it looks like the Millennium bridge and the Glasgow Science Centre looks a little bit like the Sage, Gateshead, and it *is* dark!"