MSPS applauded Nicola Sturgeon’s response to Tory MSP Stephen Kerr after he complained that her government is “bloated” as two Green ministers look set to join as part of a historic co-operation agreement.

Kerr, MSP for Central Scotland, was upset about the cost of two new ministers, given the SNP promised a “smaller, better focused” ministerial team in 2007.

“Is she proud of leading the largest and most bloated government in the history of devolution?” he asked.

Sturgeon promised Kerr that all ministers are fully occupied and working every day to deliver for the people of Scotland.

She then took a turn in her response, saying she agreed with Kerr that Scotland is “over-governed” and there is some “bloating” in the governance.

“Some people call it the Scotland Office, but perhaps Stephen Kerr has another name for it,” she joked.

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“Let’s have a more streamlined government,” she agreed. “Let’s abolish the Scotland Office through Scotland becoming independent!

“And while we’re at it, perhaps the House of Lords could be dispensed with as well. So that all of the politicians we have working for us are fully occupied and doing real jobs and delivering day in, day out for the Scottish people.”