*Warning: episode one spoiler*

BBC viewers could not wait for the first episode of Martin Compston’s new series, Vigil.

Set off the coast of Scotland, the submarine thriller attracted thousands of viewers as its opening episode aired on Sunday night.

Line of Duty fans, however, were somewhat miffed within 10 minutes of the programme.

Scots star Compston, who has amassed a huge following thanks to his role in the hit police drama, was the main attraction for many of those turning into Vigil.

But the public were stunned when just eight minutes in, the Greenock actor was killed off.

“I am watching #Vigil purely for Martin Compston and he dies within the first 8 minutes,” one Twitter user wrote. “I haven’t been this upset since this Line of Duty finale.”

Another added: “Ok so who else was only watching the Submarine drama for @martin_compston from Line of Duty …. He only lasted 8 minutes.”

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Compston had featured heavily in the marketing for the BBC prime time drama, leaving viewers disappointed with his lack of screen time.

But others pointed out that the Scot is likely to feature heavily over the coming episodes in flashback scenes.

One wrote: “Not going to lie I wish @martin_compston got a bigger part as he is an amazing actor but all we can hope for is plenty of flashbacks role on tomorrow night.”

Episode two of Vigil airs tonight (Monday) at 9pm. The show will then air every Sunday night at 9pm for the next four weeks.

Filmed in Glasgow, the show has been made by World Productions, which was also behind Bodyguard and Line of Duty.