NICOLA Sturgeon has said the latest daily number of 6835 Scottish Covid cases is "by far highest number in a single day".

Scotland has also recorded four new Covid deaths, bringing the death toll under this daily measure to 8103.

Speaking during a Scottish Government briefing, Sturgeon there was also a record number of tests on Thursday.

She said the daily test positivity rate is 14.2%, up from 11.5% the previous day.

A total of 479 people were in hospital on Thursday with recently confirmed Covid-19, up 53, with 47 patients in intensive care, no change.

As of 8.30am this morning, 4,095,463 people in Scotland had received their first dose of the vaccine.

In addition, 3,629,482 have received their second dose.

Sturgeon said: "As always, my condolences go to everyone who has lost someone as a result of the virus.

"We know that being fully vaccinated makes us significantly less likely to fall seriously ill. That is why the high number of new cases that we are seeing has not so far led to the same number of hospitalisations that we saw in previous waves.

"That said, the case numbers that we are seeing at the moment are still a cause for concern."

She went on: “In the past seven days we have reported more new cases than at any previous time in the pandemic, although I refer back to my point about higher levels of testing, but case numbers have roughly doubled over the course of the past seven days.

“It’s important to point out that case numbers are rising across the UK just now, but after a period of slower increases in Scotland the rise here is particularly sharp at the moment.

“That is possibly, at least in part, a reflection of the fact that our schools return earlier, with the increased interactions that come with that, and although vaccination has significantly weakened the link between a high volume of new cases and serious harm to health it hasn’t completely broken that link.

“So even if a much smaller proportion of people who get Covid now need to go to hospital, which is the case thankfully, basic arithmetic tells us that a small percentage of a large number is still going to be a significant number of people and indeed in recent days we have seen an increase of the number of people in hospital.

“Last Friday 312 people were in hospital with Covid, today that figure is 479.”