SCOTS have reacted with disbelief after a “breathtaking” gaffe on ITV quiz show The Chase.

The programme’s host, a contestant, and even the quiz master were left red faced after incorrectly answering a basic question on Scottish geography.

Another contestant also mixed up Robert the Bruce and Robert Burns as she bungled a question about poetry.

The first error came when contestant David, from Yorkshire, was asked to name a Scottish football team which is named after the town in which it plays. He was given three options: St Mirren, Kilmarnock and Raith Rovers.

The 33-year-old firefighter opted for St Mirren, who play in Paisley, almost immediately.

His confidence was matched by presenter Bradley Walsh, who commented: "I'd go along with that.”

The pair were quickly made to look foolish as the correct answer, Kilmarnock, was revealed.

Astonishingly, quiz master Shaun Wallace also got the answer wrong. He opted for Raith Rovers, who play in Kirkcaldy.

Scottish viewers were less than impressed.

“The lack of knowledge about Scotland down south is breathtaking,” one wrote on Twitter.

Another replied: “As me wee granny used to say, ‘they still think we run about up here with feathers in our heads’”.

One comment read: “I live in Australia and know f'all about Scottish football and yet I knew the answer to that!”

The National: Bradley Walsh, centre, with The Chase quiz mastersBradley Walsh, centre, with The Chase quiz masters

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Others said the incident was yet another reason to back independence.

“If this isn't a call to Indy I don't know what is,” a Twitter user commented.

“Not interested and no basic knowledge of Scotland (that Kilmarnock is a town - one of the largest) shows most English simply don't care. So ignorant they only want us coupled to THEM.

“Let's get out.”

Later in the show, David’s fellow contestant Josephine made another Scotland-related blunder.

She was asked to name the Scots poet who penned Highland Lassie O.

Instead of correctly naming Scotland’s national bard, Robert Burns, she opted for warrior king Robert the Bruce.