THE National's editor Callum Baird has hosted Michael Russell, SNP president and chief of the party's independence taskforce, as part of our online National Roadshow series.


Our event was livestreamed on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

As coronavirus has kept us from taking the roadshow out in-person, we’ve been looking to host more live events for our readers online.

Our first event was a discussion with columnists David Pratt, Kevin McKenna and Lesley Riddoch on “what now for independence?” – and you can find a recording of that on our YouTube.

Ahead of the event, Russell said: “I’m looking forward to hearing from readers of The National about their plans for indy campaigning, both in the SNP and in the wider Yes movement.

“We need to put forward a positive case, show people the link between a referendum and post-pandemic recovery and find ways to work together to re-establish our nation in the world.

“I’m keen to do my bit but also happy to hear what others are doing and what they want the SNP to contribute.”

The SNP’s independence unit is creating campaign materials and policy papers to boost the campaign for a Yes vote.

Our editor Callum Baird said: “I’m really excited to be sitting down for this chat with Michael Russell – a key figure for indyref2.

“The roadshow night with our columnists was a big hit and they really got stuck into the question of where we’re at with independence.

“It was fantastic to see people saying the discussion had given them a lift and we’re hoping for another insightful evening.”