IAN Blackford told the Commons that Scotland “stands ready to play its full part” in resettling Afghan refugees, and called for a summit of the four UK nations to house those fleeing Afghanistan.

Speaking during the debate, the SNP Westminster leader said: “We have made clear that Scotland stands ready to play its full part in resettling refugees. We have called for a four nations summit to integrate those efforts across the United Kingdom – something I hope the Prime Minister will respond positively to.”

Blackford also warned that the Government’s approach to refugees needed “fundamental change”.

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He said: “It is important to say that if we are to support the Afghan people – then this crisis needs to mark a point of fundamental change in this Government’s approach to refugees. In the past few months alone, this is a Government which has introduced a hateful anti-refugee bill that would rip up international conventions.

“It is a UK Government that has spent a sizable part of its summer, making political play from turning away migrants and refugees in small boats desperately making their way across the channel. That hostile attitude and approach to refugees already extends to Afghanistan.

“Since the most recent conflict began in 2001, the Home Office has rejected asylum for 32 thousand Afghans, including rejecting asylum for 875 girls.”

But during his contribution, there was a row as Tory MP for Stoke-on-Trent Jack Brereton claimed Glasgow is the only Scottish local authority to accept refugees. 

In reality many local authority areas participated in Syrian Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme - with Scotland taking twice as many Syrian refugees as the UK average.

SNP MPs shouted out their areas from "Dundee" to "Argyll and Bute" while Alan Brown of Kilmarnock and Loudoun called for the record to be corrected. He said Brereton's claim was "complete nonsense".