NIGEL Farage has been condemned by a Scottish charity for his “divisive” rhetoric on refugees as the “world watches in horror” at the resurgence of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Footage earlier today showed desperate Afghans attempting to flee Kabul as the Taliban entered the country's capital city.

A video showed hundreds of Afghans chasing after a US military jet with a journalist at the scene describing the situation as "descending into absolute chaos".

Speaking on GB News, the former Ukip leader made several claims about refugees and those fleeing Afghanistan. 

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The GB News host suggested refugees were a risk to the UK, claiming “most” from other countries will destroy their identity papers and pretend they were from Afghanistan. He has since tweeted, doubling down on this claim.

He then suggested some of those in need could be “Taliban operatives” or from other terrorist organisations.

He previously described migrants crossing the English channel as a "mass invasion".

He said: “You can now see a wave of people seeing Afghanistan, and we already have numbers we quite simply can’t cope with.

“The four-star hotels are booked, they’re running out of private accommodation. When we used the Napier barracks in Folkestone it was good enough for the British army but deemed not to be good enough for those that have illegally come to this country.

“So the Afghan thing is going to play into this in a big way. Most of the young men who come, and let me emphasise, young men that come, because 90% of those that come are young fit men, under the age of 30, coming from all over the world."

A Scottish refugee charity has hit out at these comments, describing them as “downright false”.

The National: Nigel Farage was previously criticised over his 'breaking point' posterNigel Farage was previously criticised over his 'breaking point' poster

Gary Christie, Scottish Refugee Council head of policy, communications and communities, said: “What we are seeing right now on our TV screens is a stark reminder of how quickly people can find themselves being forced to seek safety away from their homes.

“We must not allow hateful, divisive and downright false comments to distract us from this reality and the urgent need to have a serious and grown-up conversation about how the UK must respond to this human tragedy."

Christie said there are no "legal routes" for people fleeing Afghanistan to reach the UK and called on the UK Government to take swift action.

He continued: “The UK Government’s Borders Bill would deem people arriving in the UK from Afghanistan by whichever route they could ineligible for asylum in the UK.

“These are the very real human consequences of this cruel Anti-Refugee Bill.

“If the bill is passed without significant amendment, the UK will simply close the door on people fleeing the atrocious circumstances we have seen emerge in the past days.”

There have been calls for UK to do more to help the Afghans in need, with Nicola Sturgeon saying the UK Government should “step up”.

It comes as US and UK troops pulls out of Afghanistan, which has seen the terrorist group take over multiple major cities.

SNP MSP Clare Adamson said: “The world is watching in horror at the events unfolding in Afghanistan. But the international community must do more than express solidarity with the Afghan people.

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“We have a moral responsibility to aid those fleeing in fear for their lives and livelihoods. Scotland has a proud tradition of welcoming refugees but, of course, the powers in this area remain with the UK Government.

“So, legislators and policymakers from across the political divide need to work constructively to bring about a swift and compassionate resolution for Afghan refugees.

“The UK Government must reverse its decision to cut the international aid budget. It must bring about urgent reform to the asylum system and build in compassion and a respect for human rights into its decision making."