NUCLEAR weapons should be removed from Scottish soil by the first day of the re-establishment of Scotland as an independent country, according to Alex Salmond’s Alba Party.

The policy will be included in the draft agenda for the independence supporting party’s inaugural conference, which will be published later today and will set out Alba’s commitment to the removal of weapons of mass destruction from the Clyde.

The party also says it believes the HM Naval Base Clyde and the surrounding area could be transformed into Europe’s largest windfarm, sending out a message to the world of how serious Scotland is about playing its part in tackling the global climate emergency.

Alba’s conference will be held in Greenock Town Hall on Saturday and Sunday, September 11 and 12, the same weekend as the SNP conference. Alba said the clash will bring divergences in policy between the two parties into sharp focus.

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Alba claim the SNP are set to change, their long-standing policy for Trident to be removed from Scotland as “speedily and safely as possible” to a timetable of three years after Scotland becomes independent, which would realistically mean five years after a Yes vote taking into account a transitional period.

Writing previously for The National, Alba’s general secretary Chris McEleny – who worked at HMNB Clyde for more than a decade – set out that it is possible for all nuclear weapons and associated materials to be removed safely from Scotland within three months.

Alba claim that last year the SNP’s submission to the UK Government’s integrated defence review failed to state that the SNP supported the unilateral disarmament of nuclear weapons, instead calling for a greater focus on multilateralism.

They say that while nuclear weapons are strongly associated with the Faslane Naval Base, the assembly and storage of the weapons and loading on to Trident nuclear weapons takes place at the Coulport Weapons Depot on Loch Long.

The 1600-acre site has been heavily developed over the past five decades, according to Alba, with a National Grid connection, a series of road networks, and electrical distribution across the entire site.

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An Alba spokesperson said: “Our draft agenda will be published later today to all of our party members. Our inaugural conference sold out within 48 hours and we were thankfully able to secure even further capacity.

“We are confident that this agenda sets out that we have the people, the policies, and the plan for independence to take Scotland forward.”

Alba are also set to take a stance against any future nuclear energy developments in Scotland.

Meanwhile, Alex Salmond will be elected as leader of Alba at the conference. The news was revealed in a weekly update by the party which confirmed that Salmond was the only candidate to receive the required nomination for the post.