WHAT is beginning to look like the biggest ever static rally against nuclear weapons to be held in Scotland is set for Faslane submarine base on August 28.

Buses are being organised across Scotland for the rally which is being put together by All Under One Banner (AUOB). For the first time, Scottish CND, Now Scotland and AUOB are joining forces to ensure a good turnout for the rally.

AUOB says support is growing by the day for the rally, adding: “The rally will be addressed by a number of speakers from across the movement including independence campaigners, anti-war activists, representatives from trade unions, environmental campaigners and anti-racist activists.

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“Former Rear Admiral John Gower has speculated that if Scotland becomes independent then Trident would have to be based in France or the US. This is because there are allegedly no alternative places in the rest of the UK to site the nuclear submarines and warheads.”

Bill Ramsay, convener of SNP CND, said: “As we re-emerge into campaigning mode the context for the anti-nuclear component of the independence movement is positive. Early next year the Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons [TPNW] has its first UN conference in Vienna which will be attended by observers from Scotland. In actual fact it will be the COP1 of the TPNW.”

Lynn Jamieson, chair of Scottish CND, said: “As campaigners for nuclear disarmament, Scottish CND will stand beside AUOB at Faslane. We share a future vision of a Scotland that collaborates with the majority world in recognition of the abhorrence of nuclear weapons, and as a signatory of the UN Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.”

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A spokesperson from Now Scotland said: “We are delighted that a huge majority of 90% of our members voted to support and mobilise for the AUOB demonstration at Faslane to scrap Trident. This rally is an important opportunity as the COP26 conference arrives in Glasgow to send a clear message to the Tory government at Westminster and the world’s so-called leaders that an independent Scotland will be a nuclear free Scotland.

“Now Scotland is fully committed to working with the wider Yes family and the peace and climate justice movement to end the obscenity of these weapons of mass destruction being located on the banks of the Clyde. We all know that the billions of pounds wasted on nuclear destruction can be much better spent on protecting our NHS, providing decent pensions and investing in green jobs for all those that work in the nuclear industry.

“We are throwing all of our efforts to make sure this event is a huge success and encourage people to check our website and book up to get a seat on the coaches from Glasgow and Edinburgh.”