DOUGLAS Ross has written to Nicola Sturgeon over the Cambo oil field and quoted the SNP’s old slogan of “it’s Scotland’s oil”.

The Scottish Tory leader sent the letter after the First Minister said the UK Government should “reassess” the license for the crude oil field near Shetland.

Sturgeon made the intervention on the issue on Thursday in a letter to Boris Johnson after the IPCC report warned the planet is at “imminent risk” of reaching the 1.5C threshold that could lead to catastrophic consequences for the planet.

The UN’s Secretary General warned of a “code red for humanity” and said that oil and gas exploration must stop.

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But today, Ross sent a letter to the First Minister criticising her opposition to the oil field and referenced the SNP’s memorable campaign slogan from the 1970s: “It’s Scotland’s oil”.

The Tory leader claimed the SNP’s change in position was “motivated primarily by the constitution, not the climate” and claimed Sturgeon was playing “childish political games”.

Ross also said the First Minister of speaking out on Cambo as part of a political move to “seal a nationalist deal with the Greens” and “provoke a grievance with the UK Government” ahead of COP26.

The letter reads: “Dear Nicola Sturgeon, I write to remind you of a slogan that your party used to champion – it’s Scotland’s oil. Our jobs depend on it.

The National:

Douglas Ross cited the SNP's 'It's Scotland's oil' campaign from the 1970s

“Our communities rely on it. Our local services have been supported by it for decades.”

Ross said that oil and gas is “essential to local businesses” and that the Cambo oil field and North Sea sector can “continue to deliver jobs for years to come”.

He also claimed shutting down the North Sea sector would lead to oil and gas being imported into Scotland.

The letter continued: “There are no good answers to those questions and that betrays the fact that your letter is motivated primarily by the constitution, not the climate.

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“You have adopted a position to seal a nationalist deal with the Greens and to provoke a grievance with the UK Government in the run up to COP26.

“The oil and gas industry has already made substantial moves towards net zero. In fact, they have more detailed plans for reaching net zero than the SNP Government which, despite your rhetoric, has missed its climate change targets for three years running.

“If only your government worked constructively with the industry, and with other businesses across Scotland, those targets could be met.

The National:

Ross accused the First Minister of trying to seal a 'nationalist deal' with the Greens

“I hope in future you will remember the importance of this industry and the jobs that depend on it, instead of playing childish political games to further your nationalist interests.”

It comes as Nicola Sturgeon called on Boris Johnson to reconsider licenses for oil fields like Cambo where “field development” is yet to begin, in light of the climate emergency.

Up to 132 million tonnes of carbon could be released if the Cambo field is given the green light and require a land mass 1.5 times the size of Scotland to counter.

The SNP and Scottish Greens have been contacted for comment.