MOST people in Scotland with an opinion want indyref2 before the next Holyrood election — and expect Yes to win, new polling shows.

More people think Scots would back independence if the ballot was held in the next six months, according to the research.

The findings will come as a blow to Boris Johnson after his latest attempt to bolster support for the Union in a disastrous visit to Scotland last week.

The Redfield and Wilton Strategies poll found 42% of people would support an independence referendum being held in the next five years.

Another 14% neither supported nor opposed the idea, while 40% were against.

When "don’t knows" are removed, 51% of those expressing an opinion are in support of a referendum for recovery being held.

Respondents were also asked if they thought Yes would win if a referendum was held in the next six months. A total of 40% said Scotland would choose independence, while 36% said they thought the No side would win.

One thousand people were questioned on August 4-5.

Commenting, SNP MSP Neil Gray said the results reveal "the momentum is firmly behind the Yes movement". He said: "This poll demonstrates that the people of Scotland want to put their future into their hands with a referendum for recovery in the current Holyrood term.

"There is a cast-iron democratic mandate secured in May’s election for a post-pandemic referendum for recovery, once the pandemic has passed — and there is clear majority support in parliament for the referendum for recovery.

"The Tories cannot continue to deny that democratic reality — and if they try to do so it will prove unsustainable."

He went on: "Just three months ago, the people of Scotland expressed that will clearly in a democratic election when they elected a majority of MSPs supporting a referendum for recovery.

"This poll also shows that the momentum is firmly behind the Yes movement as the majority of people expressing an opinion believe that Scotland will become independent if a referendum is held in the near future. However, must take nothing for granted and demonstrate how an independent Scotland can and will become a fairer, greener, more prosperous country.

"The position of both Labour and the Tories to continue to oppose a referendum for recovery is completely untenable, the people of Scotland have spoken loud and clear and want to have a choice over their future." 


Q: To what extent, if at all, would you support or oppose a referendum on Scottish independence being held later than a year from now, but within the next five years?

Strongly support 26%

Support 16%

Neither support nor oppose 14%  

Oppose 12%

Strongly oppose 28%

Don’t know 3% 

Q: If an independence referendum were to be held in Scotland in the next six months, who do you think would win?

The "Yes, for independence" side 40%

The "No, against independence" side 36%

Don’t know 25%