MORE than 2000 people who attended major music festivals in Catalonia last month later tested positive for Covid-19 – an infection rate 76% higher than the average.

Health authorities said the festivals – Vida, in Vilanova, la Geltrú, Canet Rock, in Canet de Mar, and Cruïlla, in Barcelona – were held at a time when the Delta variant was spreading rapidly amongst those who had not been vaccinated.

All the festivals required attendees to take an antigen test, but social distancing measures were not mandatory.

And, although people were instructed to use face masks, social media footage showed large parts of the crowd with none.

Around 100,000 people attended the three events and at least 2279 tested positive for coronavirus in the following fortnight – an infection rate 76% higher than the average for the same population grouping.

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Health authorities later said they regretted allowing all three events to go ahead, but they did not see them as a major contributory factor to what is Catalonia’s fifth wave of the pandemic.

Public health secretary Carmen Cabezas said: “We were reporting 8000 new cases a day and several outbreaks.”

However, she said the extra cases caused by the festivals “were one among several factors”.

The figures came as music lovers prepare to gear up for next month’s TRNSMT music festival in Glasgow.

Organisers said just days ago they expected around 50,000 people to descend on Glasgow Green without masks or social distancing.

However, details have still to be worked out.

Geoff Ellis (below) said it was “wonderful news” for the fans, adding: “It’s amazing, it’s going to be so emotional. People have been raring to go.”

The National: FOR HERALD ARTS...Geoff Ellis, chief executive of DF Concerts pictured in front of the main stage for the TRNSMT festival on Glasgow green. TRNSMT is on 7-9th July 2017. .   Photograph by Colin Mearns.5 July 2017.See interview by Russell Leadbetter.

A spokesperson for TRNSMT told The National: “We’re working closely with the Scottish Government and Glasgow City Council to establish the baseline mitigations required and any conditions for entry to the festival. This guidance will be published over the coming days.”

Meanwhile, yesterday’s Covid-19 figures for Scotland revealed that 1381 new cases had been reported.

There were 30,788 new tests for Covid-19 that reported results – 4.9% of which were positive.

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A further 11 people who had tested positive had died and 55 were in intensive care as of Wednesday with recently confirmed Covid-19.

There were 381 people in hospital. Some 4,018,503 people have received the first dose of the Covid vaccination and 3,268,887 have received their second dose.

Most Covid restrictions in Scotland will be lifted on Monday when the country moves beyond the level zero rules.

This means physical distancing measures and limits on gatherings will be removed, and all venues will be allowed to reopen.

Self-isolation rules will also change but face coverings will still have to be worn in many public spaces, including schools.