BORIS Johnson has once again brought his absurdly preposterous clown show to Scotland. Johnson lies like most people breathe. Johnson’s inept cloddishness was responsible for a record Covid-19 death toll, an economic depression and now thanks to his rotten Brexit deal there are food shortages, and the UK supply system is on the brink of collapse.

Yet this Tory Caligula showed his pettiness, his provincialism, his vindictiveness by refusing to meet the democratically elected leader of Scotland. Last time Johnson visited Bute House he was humiliated and had to leave by the back door, scuttling away like one of the owners on the Titanic getting on the lifeboat and leaving others to drown.

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The public were kept well away from Johnson and his clique of fawning brown-nosers. These are being led by Douglas Ross, a man so devoid of an intellectual ability he struggles to repeat endless turgid cliche-ridden talking points dictated by his colonial masters in Westminster. He is nothing but a yes-man and a puppet.

Unionism is an extreme fanatical ideology that seeks to deny reality. Johnson is about to cut Universal Credit payments by £20 per week for the very poorest. The trade deal he signed with Australia will lead to the evisceration of food standards and allow in cheap Australian imports. This will destroy Scottish agriculture. Johnson plans to restrict the right to vote, and the right to protest, will gerrymander electoral boundaries to favour the Tories and plans to lock journalists up for 14 years who publish stories that embarrass the government, Unionism is a racket that seeks to keep Scotland unorganised, disenchanted and apathetic. They want colonial bondage to continue so Westminster can carry on with its plunder.

Johnson is seeking to stir up hated against foreigners, equality, a free press, civil rights. With Brexit he is building up a form of fascism.

Unionists who fall for Johnson’s con are not being fooled – they are fools.

Alan Hinnrichs

AFTER reading Wednesday’s front-page headline regarding PM Johnson’s latest snub of our esteemed First Minister, I must say nothing surprises me any more when it comes to Johnson’s crass behaviour and disrespect towards Scotland and the Scottish Government.

If he attempted this shameless stunt on a visit to any European country, he would be rightly pilloried by that country’s press/media regarding such an unacceptable and odd stance to take.

It clearly ties in with Johnson’s continuous impudent behaviour against our elected SNP MPs in the House of Commons debating chamber. What is particularly galling is the fact that the FM’s invitation was related to the Covid/public health crisis and debating the way forward towards and eventual recovery. But the buffoon residing at 10 Downing Street is typically playing Trump style politics again.

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It’s all part of the Tories’ ongoing right-wing Brexit agenda to undermine Scotland’s devolved government, whose indy politics they still can’t come to terms with after the recent resounding SNP election victory in May.

Do remember that this is our so-called “equal partner” in this fractured Union, something the Tories (and other unionist allies) have falsely preached in the past – one of many lies and deceptions uttered down the years by these charlatans!!

There was no doubt in my mind that Johnson’s visit to Scotland would entail being hidden away from public view again while “spouting off” his usual “Scotindy bad, referendum bad, SNP bad, UK/Brexit good” drivel in front of a chosen partisan audience that misrepresents true Scot public opinion of this particularly awful PM and the divisive political ideology that he preaches.

As for the ludicrous reaction of that Tory “lapdog” named Andrew Bowie (MP for West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine)? WHY BOTHER DEFENDING THE INDEFENSIBLE, MR BOWIE?????. I despair reading such infantile remarks!!!

We really need to move positively away from this disrespectful political nonsense as soon as possible and start charting a solid route towards self-determination and running our own affairs with full governmental powers as an independent country where the Scottish people are sovereign. Bring it on, and let’s start campaigning positively again!!!

Bernie Japs

I WAS interested to see the online reactions to my letter (Aug 4). All Under One Banner have responded to my criticism by calling it an attack while defending their social media position on the SNP by relabelling it as criticism rather than attack. The phrase “have your cake and eat it” springs to mind. They ask for evidence of their attacks on the SNP but do not deny they exist; they only reframe them as something else.

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Perhaps instead of becoming defensive AUOB should recognise and address the issues that I raised and distance the organisation from the party squabbling that is currently disrupting the Scottish independence movement. If they cannot do that then it is probably time for them to step aside and make room for someone else to unite and lead the grassroots movement.

Ni Holmes
St Andrews

HOW can MSP Murdo Fraser use his stupid rhetoric to attack the SNP (MSP Fraser ‘should be ashamed’, Aug 5)? His bigotry should land him suspension from our parliament at very least. Both Rangers and Celtic have worked tirelessly to ensure fans’ safety and respect for each other. Fraser could incite religious hatred attacks etc. He should resign as an MSP.

Glen Peters