SCOTS will be allowed to drink standing up in pubs and bars from Monday, it has been reported.

It comes after John Swinney, speaking on Good Morning Scotland earlier today, had said pubgoers won't be allowed to drink "vertically".

The Covid Recovery Minister previously said that Scots will still need to wear face coverings while moving around in bars, which means standing up and drinking would not be possible.

The Deputy First Minister was challenged by Gary Robertson on the BBC's Good Morning Scotland programme earlier today over whether it made sense that people in a bar can't drink and stand up while clubs with no social distancing in place are set to reopen.

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Swinney defended the Scottish Government's Covid rules, saying it's about what is "practical for people's lives".

Asked this morning if Scots can vertically drink in a pub or bar, Swinney replied: "No you can't."

But senior advisor and policy manager at the Scottish Beer and Pub Association, Paul Togneri, said just a few hours after the interview that he had received confirmation that the Scottish Government had changed its mind and standing up and drinking in a bar will be allowed.

He tweeted: "Confirmation from @scotgov officials that vertical drinking WILL be allowed from Monday in Scotland's pubs and bars."

He added: "It was confirmed verbally to ourselves,@SLTAssociation, @ScottishGroup, @ukhscotland, @ScotsLicensing, @CKPLoudon and others.

"Guidance should have it in black and white when it's published (disappointingly not expected until tomorrow)."

It comes after questions over whether people in nightclubs will have to wear facemasks.

Swinney admitted that requiring clubbers to wear face coverings could be “a bit tricky” and added that discussions will take place with industry leaders ahead of clubs reopening.

The National:

Swinney also defended the use of face coverings, saying: "We are saying that we should use elementary, routine, baseline measures which obstruct the circulation of the virus and I don't think we should confuse the different settings and elements in which that is happening."

The minister stressed such issues are “not black and white”, adding: “We’re trying to take steps which minimise the circulation of the virus and we’re trying to do that as practically as possible with the grain of how people want to live their lives."

Face masks are still likely to be mandatory when travelling around a pub, bar or restaurant.

Swinney continued: “I don’t think it’s a particular hardship for people when they get up from a table, if they are having a drink to go to the toilet, they put on a face covering to move through because they will be encountering other people away from the group that they are in.

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“I do accept, however, that if you are dancing in a nightclub it is a slightly different situation.”

It comes after Nicola Sturgeon announced that most of the remaining coronavirus restrictions in Scotland will be scrapped on August 9, meaning social distancing will be scrapped.

However, masks will still be required in situations where they are currently mandatory, she said, adding this could be the situation for some time to come.