THE Yes movement’s mass-membership organisation Now Scotland has released the results of its consultations on motions put forward by members, something every political party might want to copy.

The voting period for last months motions ended on Saturday July 31, and the results were as follows:

Motion 1: Non-violent resistance training & resources working group - For 100, Against 1, Abstention 1.

Motion 2: Campaign and Messaging Workshop Assemblies - For 95, Against 3, Abstentions 2

Motion 3: Climate Emergency and Scotland - For 89, Against 2, Abstention 1.

Motion 4: Treaty on the prohibition against nuclear weapons - For 95, Against 4, Abstention 1

All four motions were passed with more than 90% approval from the membership and will be part of NowScotland policy going forward.

This month’s motions are now live and can be voted on at

The emergency motion on the support for the AUOB demo at Faslane will only be live for two days. Members are encouraged to vote on both motions and remind other members they know to vote too.

Now Scotland said: “We saw from the rally in Dundee on Saturday, the appetite to get back on the streets and win independence is within the movement, so let’s get going.”