VOICES for Scotland is continuing its series of events encouraging discussions on how to create a Scotland for everyone. For this we are bringing in experts that help us discuss the big issues that lead to a happier, healthier, fairer, greener and more equal society.

In August, Voices for Scotland will speak with Craig Dalzell (Common Weal) on pensions and independence, and Daisy Narayanan on Scotland’s Climate Assembly.

We recently got in touch with our supporters asking for their views on the biggest issues around independence, with pensions being one of the main topics people needed more information on.

The online pensions event will consider the current UK pension system and how it impacts people in Scotland, the private pension sector and possible improvements Scotland could make to the pension system when Scotland becomes self-determined.

This event, hosted by Craig Dalzell from Common Weal, will provide information on how the welfare state works, why the UK pension is one of Europe’s worst and why we need improvements to it to benefit the people of Scotland. As with all Voices for Scotland events, this is an opportunity to take a look at how these big issues may affect you and how, together, we can create a better country for us all.

The online Climate Assembly event will explore policy issues related to the climate based on the recommendations and findings of the Scottish assembly. Scotland’s Climate Assembly was Scotland’s first citizens’ assembly focused on climate change, bringing together more than 100 ordinary citizens to deliberate about the climate emergency and answer how Scotland can change to tackle the climate emergency in an effective and fair way.

Daisy Narayanan, urban planning and transport expert with Edinburgh City Council, will provide information on what recommendations Scottish citizens decided on during the climate assembly and how these, if applied, could have a positive impact on the climate and ensure Scotland’s transition to a sustainable future.

Independence is an opportunity to make a better country – however, there are changes that can be made now to begin progress towards that common goal. Citizens’ assemblies bring together randomly selected and representative members of the public to vote on recommendations of how the country should be governed.

With these events, and others we have planned, we’re really looking for as many people to come along as possible and find out how these issues affect you. So often events are about passively listening and absorbing information. While it’s fine to do this, there’s an opportunity to participate and really find out how something like pensions and the Climate Assembly could impact upon your life, your family, your community and your country.

We may not have a date for a referendum yet, but it’s important for all independence supporters to get involved now and get ready for campaigning.

Voices for Scotland acts as a platform for your ideas and offers a space for you to get involved. As well as providing the information you need to make the case for independence, we are developing tools to help you spread the word. It would be great to have as many people along to our events as possible, to volunteer, get involved and be part of our future plans that will help grow and connect the movement as we move towards independence.

  • Pensions and Independence with Craig Dalzell, Thursday, August 5, 6pm, online
  • Climate Assembly with Daisy Narayanan, Thursday, August 26, 6pm, online
  • Visit voicesforscotland.scot/events for more details