ALEX Cole-Hamilton has been rebuked for sharing false information about coronavirus rules to his constituents.

The Scottish LibDem leadership hopeful has been accused of making a “rookie mistake” after supplying incorrect information about self-isolation requirements.

The Edinburgh Western MSP had to issue an apology, but suggested the error was partly the result of “phrasing used by the First Minister” in a coronavirus announcement.

Earlier this month, Nicola Sturgeon confirmed that the country would move to the lowest tier of restrictions on July 19, and set out plans to move “beyond Level 0” on August 9.

Explaining potential changes to self-isolation rules in August, she told MSPs: “We intend to remove the blanket requirement for close contacts to self-isolate, as long as they are double vaccinated – with at least two weeks having passed since the second dose – and take a PCR test that comes back negative.”

Cole-Hamilton, however, announced in an email to constituents that self-isolation restrictions would be dropped on July 19.

He was forced to correct the error in a follow-up message on July 22.

It reads: “In my last update to you I said that from the 19th of July, people who had been double vaccinated would no longer have to isolate after being in close contact with someone with Covid if they tested negative. This was incorrect.

“The intention is for the Government to review the situation and potentially bring this in when they relax restrictions further in August or September. For now the isolation requirement remains in force.”

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He added: “I’m very sorry about this, I work hard to get you information that is both current and accurate. On this occasion the phrasing used by the First Minister in her statement around this was such that it led to the confusion, but the mistake was on my part.

“Throughout this emergency, it has been my privilege to try to help where I can and to keep people up to date. I will continue to do so, and apologise once again for getting this wrong.”

The LibDem leadership hopeful, who announced his candidacy earlier this week, was scolded by the SNP.

MSP Rona Mackay told The National: “Alex Cole-Hamilton has been an MSP for a number of years, but this was a rookie mistake from him.

“It is imperative that MSPs convey the correct information to their constituents. It is even more important that we get that information correct during a global pandemic when decisions directly impact people’s lives and how they go about them.

“These rules are in place to make sure everyone is safe and the least Alex Cole-Hamilton can do is make sure he is not sending out conflicting messages to constituents.

“If he is to become the leader of the LibDems in Scotland he should reflect on his communications and ensure everything he issues is correct and does not cause confusion.”

The Scottish LibDems did not respond to a request for comment.