THIS Covid, eh? Causing all sorts of very real problems.

My garden slopes a lot, and as an octogenarian, the very real dangers of slipping on wet grass and falling are now very much more acute than just breaking a leg or arm.

I’ve decided to make it safer by terracing with decking.

I tried to buy some 4x4 posts, some 4x2 joists and decking planks this week.

Two big suppliers in the Argyll region don’t have ANY of those standard building items and don’t know when they’ll be back in stock.

Not only that, the prices they quote have doubled already this year and I’m told the prices are adjusted up monthly!

The chance of the young buying their own properties is becoming vanishingly small as these simple commodities rise in price at these appalling rates. That’s a bomb waiting to explode on the property market!

Covid, eh? Or could it just be that the Tory-driven Brexit is biting us? As predicted!
Christopher Bruce