A TOTAL of 92 people have died with Covid despite having received two doses of the vaccine, according to official figures.

Public Health Scotland (PHS) revealed the number in its latest weekly report – and underlined that people who had been jagged were less likely to die with the disease than those who had not.

PHS said: "From 29 December 2020 to 15 July 2021, 92 individuals tested positive for SARSCoV-2 by PCR more than 14 days after receiving their second dose of Covid-19 vaccine and subsequently died with Covid-19 recorded as a primary or contributing cause of death. This equates to 0.003% of those who have received two doses of Covid-19 vaccines."

The report revealed that 57% of the total number of Covid cases from 26 June to 23 July were in unvaccinated patients and that there were a lower number of cases in those who have been vaccinated compared than those who have not.

Over the same period it recorded that 48.1% of Covid-related acute hospital admissions were in unvaccinated individuals, of which 63.8% were in the under-40s age group.

The PHS report, published yesterday, said: "Covid-19 vaccines are estimated to significantly reduce the risk of mortality for Covid-19, however a small number of COVID-19 deaths are still expected in vaccinated people, especially in vulnerable individuals where the vaccine or the immune response may not have been effective.

"Evidence has shown that vaccination is highly effective in protecting against death from coronavirus (Covid-19)."

The fatalties of people who died with Covid despite having received two vaccines reflect the risk posed by the virus even among those who have been jagged and that while vaccines substantially reduce the chances of serious illness, they do not eliminate it entirely.

An analysis of 14,019 cases of the dominant Delta variant in the UK, released by Public Health England in June, found the BioNTech/Pfizer and Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccines were, respectively, 96% and 92%  effective against hospitalisation after two doses.

The PHS figures have been published as efforts are stepped up to persuade more people to get vaccinated.

Drop-in centres have opened in shopping malls in Glasgow and Edinburgh and universities are urging students to get jagged before the new academic term starts in the autumn.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon used her briefing on Tuesday to call for more people to come forward, including pregnant women and young people, to get the vaccine.

"Approximately 70% of adults have had now had both doses of the vaccine – that includes 92% of those who are aged 40 or older. We will be working to increase these figures further in the weeks ahead – with a particular focus on the younger age groups," she said.

"There is lots there for us to be positive about, but as with all aspects of this virus we’re not complacent. We want to see as close to 100% of the eligible population vaccinated as we can get.

"So if you haven’t yet had your vaccine it is not too late to do so, please take advantage of the many opportunities across the country and get vaccinated as quickly as possible."

The First Minister added: "There’s one other point on vaccination that I want to take a moment to particularly stress today. The Scottish Government – in line with advice from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation – is strongly recommending that pregnant women get the vaccine as soon as they are asked to do so.

"Vaccination is the best way of protecting against the risks of Covid in pregnancy – and these include admission of the pregnant mother to intensive care, and also the possible premature birth of the baby.

"Already in Scotland alone, more than 4,000 pregnant women have received the vaccine, and there are thousands and thousands more across the world who have received the vaccine. The evidence of its safety is overwhelming."

To date some 70.6% of over-18s in Scotland have had two doses of the vaccine and 89.6% had one dose, according to the PHS figures.

In the 18 to 29 age group, just 22.5% have had both jags, compared to 41% of those aged 30 to 39.

During the week from July 17 to 23, the PHS report recorded that 197 people were admitted to hospital for acute treatment for Covid had not been vaccinated, compared to 37 of people who had had one dose of the vaccine and 167 people who had had two doses.

It added: "Since 10 May 2021, a higher proportion of Covid-19 related acute hospital admissions have occurred in unvaccinated populations, in comparison to populations with one or two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine."