ANDY Anderson’s letter of July 28 has found what seems to me to be the perfect way to circumnavigate the remaining doubt I had in wanting our SNP MPs to simply call time on the insults and hypocrisy of the Westminster government and resolutely walk out en masse.

Whilst they will have many indy-supporting voters, their constituencies will all contain varying numbers of Union supporters. While I disagree with their politics, I respect their right to hold these views. That is democracy at work.

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What Andy has come up with sounds so good that I wonder what the catch might be. Would the SNPs have the right to “move into” the UK-built offices in Edinburgh? One would think so but, with the current UK Government, anything that sounds sensible is guaranteed to be opposed.

Where would the law stand? Perhaps Andrew Tickell can give us his views on this in one of his forthcoming and always welcome, rational and informative columns.

Jennifer Rodger
West Kilbride