A SCOTTISH Government tweet referring to “pregnant people” has sparked a row, despite Nicola Sturgeon using the phrase “pregnant women” just hours before it was posted.

Critics of the Scottish Government’s phrasing argued that saying “people” erases women, while those who supported the post insisted it was “inclusive”.

At her coronavirus briefing yesterday the First Minister called on pregnant women to get their Covid vaccination, informing viewers that evidence of the jag’s safety is now “overwhelming”.

She explained that in Scotland alone “more than 4000 pregnant women have received the vaccine, and there are thousands and thousands more across the world”.

Sturgeon added: “Essentially the message is – if you are pregnant, and you are invited for the vaccine, please do get it. It will help you and protect yourself and your baby."

Hours later, the Scottish Government used different wording in a similar call. Linking to an NHS Inform article on the safety of the vaccine for pregnant women, the post read: “Over 55,000 pregnant people in England & Scotland have had the #coronavirus vaccine. It’s the best way to protect you and your baby from the risks of the virus during pregnancy. Know how to find the right information. Speak to your healthcare professional or go to NHS Inform.”

The NHS Inform resource connected used the phrase “pregnant women” rather than “people”. The original message of the Scottish Government tweet was lost as thousands of people argued over the use of “people”.

Scottish Tory MSP Murdo Fraser was among those railing against the post, responding: “Pregnant people? Don’t you mean women?”

Former Alba candidate Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh replied: “You spelled ‘women’ incorrectly. Women get pregnant. Women matter. Stop trying to erase us. We won’t let you.”

“The Scottish Government should worry about having a record low (and the UK’s lowest) birth rate, rather than whether ‘people’ get pregnant, not ‘women’,” claimed GB News presenter Colin Brazier.

But others thanked the Scottish Government for “using inclusive language” to trans and non-binary people.

And one mother said: “Wow! I’m a woman I’ve been pregnant I have 3 kids, I identify as female. I cannot get my head around the amount of people who refuse to accept not every pregnant person will also identify as female.”

For more information on vaccination during pregnancy visit https://www.nhsinform.scot/covid19vaccinepregnancy