THIS Saturday will see the biggest static rally in support of independence that Dundee has seen since the outbreak of Covid-19, with All Under One Banner declaring last night that the rally is set to go ahead as planned.

Due to the easing of Covid-19 restrictions, the rally can be attended by anyone without need for pre-registration, a big difference from previous rallies held by AUOB.

As a consequence AUOB is expecting a bigger crowd than originally anticipated on Saturday and though it will not have the same attendance figure as the group’s previous marches and rallies, the Dundee event is very much seen as preparatory for bigger marches later in the year – if and when all Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.

The event will take place at 1pm on Saturday in City Square outside the Caird Hall. Speakers and musicians will perform, and a list of these will be posted on the AUOB social media before Saturday.

One of AUOB’s most successful events took place in Dundee in August 2018, when upwards of 16,000 people marched through the city to a rally in Magdalen Park. The numbers on Saturday will be nowhere near that mark, but an AUOB spokesperson said they had already been told by “a few hundred people” that they would be attending.

Safety rules and stewarding will be in place, with a briefing for stewards on site at 12.20pm. It is hoped to have the rally broadcast online for those who cannot attend in person.

A spokesperson for AUOB said: “All Under One Banner has called this Rally for Independence in Dundee’s City Square in front of Caird hall on Saturday because now is the time to exercise self determination and set the date for indyref2.

“We need the full economic powers of independence for recovery, we need independence to eradicate poverty, we need independence to put people before profit. The full powers of any normal independent nation are crucial to economic recovery from the pandemic.

“Please do not attend if you feel unwell, observe distancing, wear face coverings and keep good hand and respiratory hygiene. This is the fifth safe static rally that AUOB will have held during recent times with on every occasion the event being responsibly organised, respectfully participated and each having zero impact on Covid rates in their local areas.”

The mass-membership organisation Now Scotland has given a boost to Saturday’s rally by calling on its thousands of members to attend.

Now Scotland said: “We encourage all members that can make it to attend the rally in Dundee and swing by the Now Scotland stall to say hi.

“Let’s get back on the streets. We will not wait for independence. We will win it now.”