BATMAN has been spotted in Glasgow as filming for another Hollywood blockbuster is set to take place in the city centre.

The city centre was recently transformed into 1960s New York for filming for the new Indiana Jones film.

Now, a new film from the DC Comics universe, which includes superheroes like Batman and Superman, is being shot in Glasgow's George Square and surrounding streets.

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Crews have been setting up for The Flash with people spotting a bus with the sign "Gotham Transit Authority" on it, referring to the fictional city where Bruce Wayne/Batman lives.

National columnist David Pratt has spotted the caped crusader cruising through the streets of the Merchant City on his batcycle as rehearsals take place for the big shoot.

George Square appears to be set up to look like a marketplace with pictures showing wooden crates and stalls being put together in the now-closed off square.

Details for The Flash are being kept under wraps but it is understood the film will be released in November 2022.

The new superhero movie stars Ezra Miller as The Flash and will also see Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton reprising their roles as Batman.

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There are rumours that the Hollywood stars could make an appearance for the filming in Glasgow as crews prepare for what is thought will be a chase scene through the city streets.

It is understood the filming is not related to Robert Pattinson's The Batman, which was shot in Glasgow's Necropolis in February of this year.