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BORIS Johnson marks his two year anniversary as prime minister tomorrow and it has been a period of extraordinary turmoil.

In that time he has prorogued Parliament, expelled 21 Tory grandees from the party for voting against the government on Brexit (losing his majority in the process), signed a Brexit deal that has wreaked havoc on British businesses and overseen 29,000 UK Covid deaths.

In his personal life he has divorced for a second time, married for a third, witnessed the birth of what is thought to be his sixth child and contracted coronavirus.

We asked if National readers had any messages for Johnson on this special day and more than 600 people sent in their thoughts.

Florence Marin simply said: "It's ok, he's not a real prime minister."

George Riddell echoed her thoughts saying: "We have a Prime Minster???? Since when????" 

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Marcus Sutherland referenced the fact Johnson said he'd "rather be dead in a ditch" than go and ask Brussels for a delay to Brexit, despite going on to repeatedly delay the process.

He said: "Dear Boris, have you not found that ditch yet?" 

Carole Stewart asked about one of the most enduring images of the Brexit campaign, the slogan: "We send the EU £350 million a week – let's fund our NHS instead" emblazoned on the side of the Vote Leave campaign’s bus

She said: "Where is the £350 million saved due to Brexit?" 

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Alexander Brookes told the PM to: "Get the finger out and start doing the job. Continue to lie you resign immediately and give people the right in a decent society again free from this tory dictatorship. Independence and self dependency for Scotland is the right for the Scottish people. The union is dead the Royal Family The House of Lords are indeed burdens to the national resources." Alexander Brookes

Janice Macangus said: "Surprised you have lasted this long but your days are numbered lies slowly catching up with you." 

Others said Johnson's time in No 10 has simply led to more support for independence.

Dode Muir said: "Don't blame him, blame the fools who voted him into power! It certainly was not anyone in Scotland!" 

Theresa Brown agreed, adding: "Keep on doing the great job you're doing.....helping make the Scottish people see independence is within our hands" 

"Leave, for the love of God, before the total ruination of these four nations is achieved," said Joan Summers

Mark Hodge said: "Boris yer awsome you increase indy support everday you're in the job" Mark Hodge.

Alastair MacDonald added: "We didn't vote for you. Love, Scotland." 

Suzy Sherrit said: "I've got plenty. None of which are repeatable" and Wilma Walker said "none I can print".