The National:

DURING her brief visit to Scotland, Liz Truss has certainly made her mark.

The Tory International Trade Secretary began her two-day trip by declaring that Scottish businesses are “excited” about Brexit.

She then kept the laughs coming by predicting Douglas Ross will become first minister of Scotland.

But she wasn’t done there.

Perhaps her most glaring blunder came during an interview with STV’s Colin Mackay.

Truss was in the country to announce her government’s new green energy scheme, but reporters noticed a crucial omission in the accompanying UK Government press release.

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Mackay points out that the report states the scheme could create 1.2 million jobs in England by 2050.

“What about Scotland?” The STV reporter asks. “You’re launching it in Scotland yet you tell me how many jobs you’re going to create in England, not Scotland.”


Truss tried to squirm her way out of the question by boasting that they’d cited a study from a Scottish research body, the Fraser Of Allander Institute at the University of Strathclyde.

She finally admitted: “I don’t have a specific Scotland figure. I will get one for my next discussion…”

That wasn’t going to cut it.

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Mackay wasn’t having any of the “strange” UK Government press release.

He added: “It does seem a bit negligent doesn’t it?”

A flustered Truss couldn’t provided any answers, finally spluttering that she “hopes” there are as many jobs in Scotland as there are in England.

Top-notch governance.

It’s a perfect example of the high esteem with which this Tory government holds Scotland.

Independence can’t come soon enough.