WORLD-CHAMPION Scottish boxer Josh Taylor has faced a wave of criticism after a comment seen as doubting the need for Covid vaccinations.

The light-welterweight title-holder received backlash over the remarks made on social media.

Taylor tweeted: "It is NOT a conspiracy theory to believe that your immune system is there to DO ITS [sic] JOB & a bloody good 1 at that."

It comes two days after the boxer responded to talk of vaccination passports as a "dictatorship".

He wrote: "Do as your [sic] told or be excluded from society! #Dictatorship"

His latest "immune system" comment received more than 4000 likes and 500 retweets.

However, he was called out by users on social media, with Taylor defending himself in response.

Shaun Hume told the champion: "So disappointed in you Josh. You're so much better than diving into this conspiracy theory nonsense."

Taylor replied: "It’s not a conspiracy theory to think your immunise [sic] system can do its job hahah"

Twitter user @HZD1888 wrote: "Immune system is brilliant for cancer as well eh"

The boxer said that cancer was a "completely different" situation.

Neil Henderson wrote: "Josh stick to boxing please. Your immunity might be grand, so might mine, we can have Covid be asymptomatic and pass it to others whose immune system is compromised."

Taylor's victory over Jose Ramirez in Las Vegas in May saw him become the undisputed light welterweight champion of the world.