AN environment minister has said farmers and fishermen “have really gained from Brexit”.

Victoria Prentis also told the Commons the Government wanted to replace the EU’s farming subsidies by “paying public money for public goods” to farmers.

Banbury MP Prentis said: “I don’t think it is any secret to this House that I was no Brexiteer, but I must say that for farming and fishing I think we have really gained from Brexit.

“In England, we don’t think the environment can wait. We want to start paying public money for public goods to our farmers and that is how they will be supported in the future.”

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She was responding to a question from SNP environment spokesperson Deidre Brock, who said farmers would be hit by “calamitous” tariffs if the Government broke its trade agreement with the EU, as was discussed on Wednesday in relation to Northern Ireland.

She added: “Will the Secretary of State or minister commit to covering the extra costs to farmers this whole sorry mess is causing? Or are the consequences of this ideological Brexit crusade to be borne by everyone but the UK Government and its ministers?”