The National:

ROSS Colquhoun – the SNP’s head of digital – has raised something of a titter on Twitter with a video of Baroness Ruth Davidson of Lundin Links arriving to be sworn in to the House of Lords.

Headlined “Whoever did this is a very bad person”, the soundtrack is the Imperial March from The Empire Strikes Back – or Darth Vader’s Theme and the seats are dotted with stormtroopers as Davidson makes her way to the floor of the House.

It ends at the Scottish Parliament building at Holyrood, which is overflown by the imperial shuttle.

Amongst the plethora of laughter emojis, some had even written messages praising the work, with Lizzie Bee writing: “Personally think Baroness Davidson would fit right into the Imperial Senate, or even the Dune Imperium,” while Mrs Ann MacDonald opined: “Absolutely ridiculous, that's what I think of the house of Lords, no need for them, costing far too much money.”

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Jane Lawson thought Davidson was auditioning to be Santa, adding: “Anythin for a shilling eh?”

Ali Macleod wrote: “But, but, Oor Ruth is going to affect progressive change in the Lords from within … isn’t she? Least that’s what she told us …” and Bobby Cameron chipped in with: “Post of the day.”

Judge for yourself