A SCOTTISH Tory has attacked the SNP after one of their MPs urged people from England to respect Scotland’s stricter coronavirus rules.

Douglas Chapman tweeted an image which encouraged people to wear a mask if they’re visiting Scotland.

Stephen Kerr, MSP for Central Scotland, claimed the wording of the post shows the SNP are “determined to make English people feel uncomfortable” north of the Border.

The image, which was originally created by a Welsh Twitter user and adapted to be used in Scotland, reads: “If you’re visiting us this summer, wear a mask. Scotland isn’t England. Our laws are different.”

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Kerr took offence to a specific phrase in the post. He replied: “I understand the importance of spreading the message about COVID restrictions in Scotland – but surely we can do that without combative, aggressive messages like ‘Scotland isn't England’.

“The SNP seem determined to make English people feel uncomfortable in Scotland.”

But the man who originally designed the image hit back at the Scottish Tory MSP.

Owen Williams first tweeted the Welsh version of the poster last week.

After receiving some complaints online, he explained to Nation Cymru: “It took me 20 minutes to make, and to be clear – it’s satire! But also, it has a serious message: Wales and England are different.”

Williams defended his work after an adapted version was criticised by Kerr.

He replied: “I made that poster. And to be clear, Scotland *isn’t* England. And neither is Wales.”

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Chapman also dismissed Kerr’s complaint. He replied: “Stephen, I don’t think asking for a bit of co-operation and consideration is too much to ask.”

The SNP MP pointed out that he had included the hashtag “#LoveU” in his original post.

The spat comes after Nicola Sturgeon scolded Sky News for failing to differentiate between Scotland and England’s different coronavirus rules.

Ahead of England’s so-called “Freedom Day”, a screenshot of the news channel showed the headline "Lifting Lockdown" in large letters.

The subheading read: “UK is set to drop all legal Covid-19 restrictions tomorrow which means social distancing and face coverings will become optional.”

The First Minister replied: “This isn’t acceptable @SkyNews given the importance of clear public messages. The UK isn’t lifting all Covid restrictions tomorrow – England is. Restrictions on eg size of gatherings, distance, face masks will remain in place in [Scotland] for now, as we ease up gradually.”