We suspect many of our readers will already know all about the Yes A Referendum For Recovery leaflet available from Yes.scot, but having had the chance to digest its contents, the Yes DIY page has no hesitation in saying it is a must-read for all people who support the cause of Scottish independence.

As former MSP Michael Russell said: “As we look ahead to recovery from the pandemic, and the type of country we want to build after Covid, it’s certain that we can’t let a UK Tory government decide on that for us.

“Our case has to demonstrate a relentless optimism and hope, grounded in the reality that shows how well an independent Scotland could do, freed of the UK Fnion.

“To help with that, we’re producing a series of handy materials – including this detailed, eight-page leaflet which includes vital facts, stats and arguments for Scottish independence.

“This is a great thing to share as widely as possible. Start by sharing the link with at least five of your friends who you think might be open to the discussion or who you believe need to know the facts.

“This summer, let’s harness all our positive energy into conversations with the undecided. Remember, if every one of us convinces at least one No voter, the momentum for independence will speed up again. And again, and again.

“If we all stay focused on our goal and find constructive ways to work together, we will win.

“And we need to win – for the future of our country and everyone who lives here.”

You can read a digital version of the leaflet HERE