THE hard-working team at Yes-supporting media organisation Independence Live is to launch one of its most important campaigns yet.

Food Sovereignty Week will run from August 16 to 23 and will focus on the themes of provenance, resilience and sustenance.

They told The National: There are increasing concerns about Scotland’s food sovereignty in light of the Internal Markets Act and the Australia-UK free-trade agreement.

“Most Scots are aware of the implications of the recent free trade deal with Australia, which is a likely precursor to other, possibly larger, more damaging Free Trade Agreements (FTA).

“According to the Scottish Government, there will be devastating impacts from a UK-Australia zero-tariff and quota FTA on domestic producers.

“There are also damaging environmental impacts and serious concerns around animal welfare, two issues of great concern to Scottish consumers.

“Trade deals conducted by Westminster raise fundamental questions for our democracy and our sovereignty. On top of reckless trade deals, the Internal Market Act restricts certain legislative powers of the devolved administrations. According to the Scottish Government, the Act is ‘radically undermining the powers and democratic accountability of the Scottish Parliament’.

“By doing so, the legislation restricts Scotland’s practical capacity to regulate, which undermines Scotland’s food sovereignty.

“We are calling for everyone in Scotland to do more to protect and promote the importance of food sovereignty to Scotland’s health,

the Scottish economy, and the security of our rural and coastal communities by taking part in Food Sovereignty Week.”

The National:

Jim Fairlie MSP (above) said: “The right to have access to good quality nutritious, affordable food is something I’m sure no one would disagree with. Covid and Brexit afford us an opportunity to re-imagine a food system that takes into account issues around climate change and food security.

Food sovereignty week is a great initiative to raise awareness of the weaknesses in our food system, but also an opportunity to highlight the potential for improvements.”

Independence Live are calling on the UK Government, The Scottish Government, and local authorities to do more to protect and strengthen Scotland’s food sovereignty.

They said: “We are also calling on consumers, community groups and organisations to voice their concerns about the erosion of Scotland’s ability to control its food security. Individuals and groups are encouraged to run events and campaigns during the Food Sovereignty Week to highlight the importance of Scotland’s globally recognised premium position as a responsible, sustainable quality provider of food.”