I TOO have just read Mike Russell’s SNP Yes leaflet and agree with most of what Charlie Kerr has reported in his long letter (Jul 19).

Mike Russell’s leaflet is an update on what the Tories have been up to with regard to Scotland as an expected equal partner since the 2014 referendum. All the promises made have quite obviously not been adhered to. David Cameron, Theresa May and now Boris Johnson have all promised equal political footing of one kind or another, and all three prime ministers have broken their word, with Johnson being the worst of his kind.

The Mike Russell leaflet contains nothing of which most people of Scotland were unaware already. What myself, Charlie Kerr and every other independence supporter were hoping to read was a government road map, at least in its early stages, towards independence.

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We need to know about a Scottish currency supported by a Scottish Central Bank – which, by the way, was the single subject that lost us the 2014 independence referendum.

We need to know about a Scottish pension scheme that compares with pension schemes in EU countries, which – we are informed – are a good percentage higher than what Westminster affords us.

We need to know about how it will work with our Scottish Greens allies where environmental issues are concerned, and more about land value tax applications etc.

We appreciate the fact that Nicola Sturgeon, as First Minister, has to prioritise the pandemic virus and all that entails. However, surely there are enough expert opinions within and outwith our government which might have been put together as a working party, even before the last highly successful General Election?

Scotland is now heading towards some form of control over Covid-19. So, one would hope that Mike Russell has put a working party together now he is in charge of the referendum campaign. With that in mind, we wait in hope for the said road map contained in the next leaflet with all, and more, proactive points outlined above.

Alan Magnus-Bennett

MY original letter in, “Why the need for a referendum” (July 9) asked a very pertinent and apposite question. A Long Letter reply (July 14) implied that the Edinburgh Agreement, signed by Salmond and Cameron in 2012, committed the Scottish Government to holding a referendum after the positive result of an election. This was the deal.

It is an insult to the people of Scotland. I question why Scotland should honour such a deal, given all of the twisted and broken deals, promises and vows that WasteMonster have dishonoured over the centuries. You cannot adopt the moral high ground with people who have no moral or ethical standards.

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The English Parliament, which has always disregarded Scottish interests, now holds us in open and naked contempt.

This deal was an appeasement to the Unionists and Salmond fell into their trap. Was he expected to appear, waving a piece of paper, saying, “Peace in our time, we have a deal”?

How many more must suffer and die in poverty, in this rich country? How many more businesses and industries much wither and collapse, in this innovative land? How many more youngsters must look to the future with dread, in this progressive nation?

Bring the MPs home now and sue for independence through the courts. We have that mandate. No pasaran, no referendum.

Colin Brown
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THE people who are at the head of the SNP have lost the plot; they are now fast asleep and don’t have a clue.

George Mitchell
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