THE Conservative Party broke funding rules by filing inaccurate reports and failing to return impermissible donations in time, the elections watchdog says.

The Electoral Commission said the donations were "voluntarily forfeited" and it's not going to impose any sanctions over the failure to give back the cash within 30 days and provide accurate statutory reports.

And it says those monies do not "relate to the funding of works at 11 Downing Street", where Prime Minister Boris Johnson lives with his wife and youngest child.

Days ago, Cabinet Office papers confirmed works there were paid for by Tory donors. Almost £30,000 went to Mitie Facilities Management – within the limit – but £58,000 in "additional invoices" was met by donor Lord Brownlow. The PM has since "covered the cost" himself.

On the latest censure, the Electoral Commission's Louise Edwards said: "The requirements are clear, so it is always disappointing when they are not met.

"It is vital that voters have timely and accurate information about donations, and the opportunity to know who is targeting them with campaign material at elections.

"Where we find that offences have been committed, we do not automatically impose sanctions.

"We act proportionately and take into consideration a range of factors when reaching our final decisions, as set out in our enforcement policy.”