A SPANISH Civil War memorial cleaned by a father-and-son after a spray paint attack has suffered serious damage in a "hammer" strike.

The tribute in Motherwell was erected to remember the 40 volunteers from the North Lanarkshire area who fought facism in the 1930s conflict.

The gold-inscribed memorial recalls how the International Brigades members "gave up everything … for the cause of all advanced and progressive mankind".

Steven McGowan and six-year-old son Steven won praise from across Scotland and beyond after cleaning up graffiti sprayed onto and around it late last month.

Now the Duchess of Hamilton Park landmark has been left dented, chipped and pockmarked after the second vandalism incident within weeks.

Jas McGuinness, a member of the committee behind the memorial, believes it could have been struck up to 50 times by a ball pein hammer. 

The National:

He told The National: "It's really despicable.

"The spray paint you can wash off, this time they've taken chunks out of the granite. 

"If we had an idea who was behind it we'd be out to the police. It's been said that the spray paint was kids drinking in the park. This is not kids, this has been targeted and they've taken tools down to do it."

The hammmer damage happened on the eighth anniversary of the memorial's unveiling.

Gillian Mackay, Green MSP for Central Scotland, attended the wreath-laying ceremony and commented: "The attacks on this monument in recent months is a reminder that we still have a lot of work to do in Scotland to tackle fascism, racism, and all forms of discrimination.

"It is a cowardly act and those responsible must be held to account.

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"I would call on North Lanarkshire Council to urgently explore the option of installing CCTV to limit any future damage or identify any future perpetrators and ask anyone with information to contact Police Scotland.”

Local Provost Jean Jones called the attack "utterly vile," and called on anyone with information to contact the police "as a matter of urgency".

McGuinness said the committee is "really worried" that the vandalism will continue.

Stonemasons say all they can do to address the damage is a cosmetic job to disguise it. However, they've agreed to carry that out for free. Repairs to the gold leaf inscriptions following the spray paint removal were funded thanks to Motherwell Football Club.

McGuinness said: "When you hit the stone with a hammer it makes a noise that can be heard hundreds of yards away. I don't understand why nobody heard it and reported it."

Information can be given to police on 101 or submitted anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.