FIREFIGHTERS are tackling a blaze at Fife Zoo.

It is the second time in just over a year that flames have broken out at the animal attraction near Ladybank, Cupar.

There are no reported casualties, said a spokeswoman for the fire service.

Four fire engines and around 20 firefighters were dispatched to the scene at Birnie Field at around 12.30pm on Sunday, she said.

Images on social media showed large flames affecting a wooden building and clouds of black smoke.

It was reported that fire had damaged a barn, a caravan, and a car, the spokeswoman said, adding that firefighters had now brought the blaze under control but remained on site.

Fife Zoo said it would be closed for the rest of Sunday owing to an “incident on site”.

Last July, the roof of a building caught fire at the zoo, which says it currently houses more than 45 animals from around 15 species including meerkats, lemurs and armadillos.