NOW Scotland, the grassroots organisation of the Yes movement, is seeking signatures for its online campaign as it looks to compel a sense of urgency among Yessers.

Entitled It’s Our Right to Decide, Indyref2 Now, the petition can be accessed via the Now Scotland website. The group, with its thousands of members, echoed the sense of frustration among many in the Yes movement.

With a newly elected executive committee, Now Scotland is energised for a summer of campaigning. The committee told The National: “The waves created by another SNP victory in the Scottish Parliament (albeit needing the Greens for a majority) have receded. It is almost as if nothing happened. The lack of urgency, flair, new ideas, in fact, the lack of anything resembling a campaign for independence has alarmed activists in the movement.

“The Tories have continued their campaign of propaganda, using every opportunity to promote the Union. There is a seemingly endless series of incidents exposing the Tories as being hypocritical, racist, xenophobic and corrupt. The nasty party is back. And yet there is no corresponding campaign by the political leadership of Scotland to challenge our membership of this defunct Union.

“Now Scotland was launched as a grassroots, non-party organisation to campaign for independence and unite people in that task.

“In the six months we have existed we have held online assemblies and forums, organised static demonstrations and a day of action and held meetings and actions with other indy-supporting organisations.

“With a new committee elected, we are hoping to continue to build a non-partisan group that unites across the movement and reinvigorates activity. We would encourage people to continue to join Now Scotland and help us build in what should be an exciting time for the indy movement.

“Now Scotland members can download a petition titled It’s Our Right to Decide, Indyref2 Now, from the website.

“The debate about strategy continues in our members forums. Members can also vote on a number of motions proposed by members. These deal with different issues in our movement including non-violent direct action, removal of nuclear weapons from Scotland and the need for transformative measures to tackle climate change.

“We are also discussing the possibility of organising a grassroots summit in the autumn and joining with other groups to promote independence in the COP26 gathering.

“There is a lot to do, and the task is urgent. Whether in a political party or not, join us and help build a broader, more inclusive and dynamic campaign.”