FORMER Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson has finally joined the House of Lords after deciding what her official title will be.

Last month The National revealed that Davidson had not joined the Lords as she was still to meet with the member of the royal household responsible for setting peers’ titles.

It has now been confirmed that the name Baroness Davidson of Lundin Links has been selected, but it is not yet known when she will be formally introduced to the House. Her title refers to the Fife coastal village where Davidson grew up.

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Until her swearing-in, she is unable to participate in proceedings.

Davidson left Holyrood at the May election after stepping down as Scottish Tory boss in 2019. She was replaced by Jackson Carlaw who lasted months in the role before Douglas Ross took on the position. No other candidate put themselves forward.

A spokesperson for the SNP said: "The leader responsible for a Scottish Tory operation to keep Boris Johnson out of Downing Street has now fully sold out, having been bought by his gift of a lucrative lifetime seat in the Lords.

"It's questionable whether the good Fifers of Lundin Links will appreciate being associated with such an insult to democracy as the unelected Lords.

"And given the appalling stench of sleaze that surrounds Ruth Davidson's Westminster colleagues, perhaps a better title would be Baroness Davidson of dodgy links."

Baroness Davidson was nominated for her peerage by Boris Johnson last year.

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The nomination provided SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon with ammunition to attack Davidson during their FMQs clashes.

In September, shortly after the appointment was confirmed, Sturgeon couldn’t believe Davidson had the “brass neck to lecture the rest of us on scrutiny and accountability” while planning to move to the unelected Chamber.

While debating education, the First Minister went on the attack, telling the former leader: “Can I say to Ruth Davidson not only am I perfectly willing and happy to have questions asked of me on my record, my policies and my plans, I’m happy to allow the Scottish people to judge that in an election. Instead we have Ruth Davidson who wants to continue to be a politician but without the consent of a single person across this country.

“She’s heading to an unelected parliament but has the brass neck to lecture the rest of us on scrutiny and accountability.

“There is no ermine cloak in the world that will cover up that hypocrisy.”

And during another Chamber clash earlier this year, during the Scottish Parliament’s inquiry into harassment complaints against Alex Salmond, Davidson said the standing of Holyrood had been diminished as evidence was not published.

The First Minister replied: “Ruth Davidson wants to lecture the rest of us about democratic integrity. But that’s the same Ruth Davidson who’s about to depart this elected institution, dodge an election, take a seat in the unelected House of Lords, where she will pursue a political career at the taxpayers’ expense, but never have to ask voters for their permission ever again.

“I don't think Ruth Davidson is in the position to lecture anyone about democracy.”